Are you missing your kids grow up?

What we do, the short version

We help attorneys create a practice that allows them to design the life of their dreams.

What we do, the long version

We revolutionize the practice of law by creating standardized procedures for every aspect of the practice of law, then automating as much as possible.

When your practice is automated, from the initial contact through post-representation follow-up, you can focus on delivering an experience to your clients that is without peer.

While at the same time giving you more time to do whatever it is you WANT to do, not what needs to be done.

How we do it


We take an in-depth look at your practice as it is today, and work with you to develop standardized processes that are the foundation of all legendary practices.

Develop & Deploy

We turn the processes that we develop during the Assessment into automations and workflows in tools like mycase, Keap, Actionstep, Zapier, and Make.

Not only do we set the tools up for you, but we make them work together so that you get a synergistic system that far exceeds the sum of the individual tool's capabilities.


After we get everything up and running, we stay with you, adjusting and improving your systems on a continual basis to keep up with your evolving practice.

You aren't the same lawyer you were last year, why should your practice be the same?

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