Strap in for a wild ride in Episode 25 of the Get Automated Podcast hosted by Kelsey Bratcher. We are joined by old school automator Scott Athen, who began automating his law practice in the 90’s. Since then Scott has gone on to start another business Lomack Solutions and launch a podcast of his own “Make The Game”. He runs all three by himself, solo, zero staff. The only way he is able to do this is by using the power of automation. Kelsey and Scott touch on way too many topics to even begin to list, and this episode is a long one at just over two and a half hours. You owe it to yourself to download this week’s episode and grab the gems of knowledge that are scattered throughout Episode 25. Click the link already!

In this podcast, Josh Satterlee and guest, Atty. Scott Athen, talk about an interesting and booming approach to business which may be useful for people who aspires to strengthen the reach of their business. Scott Athen, the Maryland DUI and a traffic defense attorney, has been using the automation approach to ensure accuracy and convenience in his business. Get to know more about him and listen as he shares relevant and innovative insights regarding the new trend in businesses.